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About David

David is President of Thinking Schools International.   He is actively writing, researching, and offering dynamic seminars and keynote presentations about Thinking Maps®, visual tools, and the systematic integration of multiple Pathways to Thinking Schools.  As an international leader in the field of visual thinking from early childhood through adult learning, David focuses on practical visual tools distributed systematically across organizations for individual, team, and connective leadership—from schools to businesses.  David has proven that all learners of all ages benefit from the explicit development of cognitive-creative-critical thinking. 

David’s best selling book, Visual Tools for Constructing Knowledge (150,000 national and international distribution), broke open new ground for showing how visual thinking, different types of visual tools--and Thinking Maps in particular-- improve thinking abilities for learners of all ages.

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David created the Thinking Maps® model in the late 1980s and co-founded Thinking Maps, Inc. for offering high quality whole-school training for students, teachers, and leaders. The latest best seller version of this book, Visual Tools for Transforming Information into Knowledge, answers the question that animates educators, parents, and business leaders alike:


How do we focus our attention, filter information, handle the cognitive overload of information, and think critically, and make decisions when we are inundated with 24/7 information in schools, at home, and in the workplace?

Here is David's story spread across two articles about his background, leading to the early development of Thinking Maps®.  He was born in Berkeley, raised in Oakland, CA USA, and after living for many years on the East Coast, David returned to live in his home state of California. 

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